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Jesus Christ is the HEAD of the church. As the BODY of Christ, Slifers Church will be:

His Hands. We will use our hands to pray, help and heal.

His FEET. We will use our feet to carry forth the Good News.

His HEART. We will show compassion and love to one and all.

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Our Vision

We are a group of Christian friends shaped through scripture reading and study, sent to teach and show the love of Christ.

We are a community that responds faithfully, both individually and together as a community, and by our unity are able to take bold action.

We are a people moving forward as we listen for God’s direction; a people who are never done learning. Young and old, we offer ourselves - body, budget, schedule, and heart to be partners in Christ's service. We will not hide our light under a bushel on the corner of Clayton and Chicken Bristle Roads; rather, we will show the community our salt--our zest for life in Jesus Christ.

An oasis for those within our membership and for those in and around our communities, in fact, our love of God shines and radiates to all we meet. We find God’s peace and joy when getting our hands and feet dirty by actively participating in the needs of others.

Our worship, filled with sacred moments, uplifting music and fellowship fills us with the Holy Spirit--leaving all with an inner joy that spreads to all we meet. We use technology and other ways to stay connected, listening to both the loud and quiet voices, with awareness of the sick, disenfranchised and other "no voice" people.

We are not afraid to change, even regularly challenging long-held traditions, in order to listen to the Spirit, pursue our mission, and serve one another in the family of Christ.

God welcomes us with a cup of cold water: the refreshing invitation from a friend to “come in.” God welcomes us with a cup of cold water: a moment of shared tears in a time of grief or loss. God welcomes us with a cup of cold water: a cleansing offer of forgiveness in a time of shame.


God is a hidden spring in the desert rock. God is an ever-flowing stream of righteousness. God is living water. Let us offer a cup of water to a thirsty world.

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